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The (long-range) plan is to make stories and perhaps poems as well available as e-files. In the meantime you can find a few online, or order a print version of my book Finding Creatures & Other Stories (see below).

Short Stories (Read Online):
"Claude and the Henry Moores" at Den Page of Casey June Wolf
"Invicta" at Den Page of Casey June Wolf
"The Brídeog" at Brigit's Sparkling Flame
"This is for Mrs. Zaberewsky" at Polar Borealis

Short Stories (eBook):
"Claude and the Henry Moores" on Smashwords
"Finding Creatures" on Smashwords

Short Stories (Podcast):
"Claude and the Henry Moores" at Beam Me Up! Podcast
"After Hours at the Black Hole" at Beam Me Up! Podcast

Short Stories (Print):
Available in various journals and magazine.
Most Recently:
"Delta Marsh" in Reckoning 2. In a few weeks my podcast of the story will be available online.
"Eating Our Young" & "The One That Gets Away" in Food of Our People.

Poetry (Online):
“Brigit – Keeper of Cattle”, and

My blog "Stone on the Belly" features poems dedicated to Brigit, Irish goddess and saint.

Music (Online):
SoundCloud: "Mael Brigde" songs, also dedicated to Brigit, Irish goddess and saint.

Essays (Online):
Why Sing? (For The Drawing Network)

"A Blog Named Fluffy" discusses the rare illness Nemaline Rod Myopathy, which affected a cat I had the pleasure of sharing my life with for ten years. I wrote the blog because at the time he was diagnosed finding information about the illness, particularly in animals, was extremely difficult.

Book (Print):
Finding Creatures & Other Stories
Link to Order Page at Red Tuque Books.
Or try for a used or new copy.

Title: Finding Creatures & other stories
Author: Casey Wolf
ISBN: 9780981065809
Publication Date: 2008
Publisher: Wattle and Daub Books
Format: Trade Paperback
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Price: 15.95

Casey Wolf (C. June Wolf) is the author of numerous speculative short stories. Several of these were collected as Finding Creatures & Other Stories, which also includes an introduction by Charles de Lint. Literary, science fictional, slipstream, and fantastic-this medley of stories is grounded in the present day, weaving backward to the life of Saint Francis, and forward to a time when Earth is a memory, and new humans are finding their place among the stars.

Wolf's unexpected approach to story telling interlaces humour, compassion, and a compelling affection for human and nonhuman with a fine-spun unorthodoxy in these understated tales of this world and beyond.

Review #1 - 'I want this book to be a success because I want to look forward to reading more new stories by her for many years to come. And so should you.' 

- Charles De Lint, author of The Onion Girl and Dingo.

Review #2 - Wolf's people come alive on the page. She makes them to ache and to dream, to search and sometimes find. They slip through the unseen hinges of life, to emerge into other times, other realms, other skins. And she makes all this happen in a way that draws the reader to follow them. Rich, ripe stuff, with haunting echo of Ray Bradbury's October moods. 

- Matt Hughes, author of The Tales of Henghis Hapthorn.

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